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DUBLIN: Dublin - A City Rich in History with Cheap Hotels Near National Treasures

Travel back in time to experience a settlement that has evolved into a vibrant capitol city, in Dublin. A city rich in cultural heritage, you'll find wonderful national treasures like the Book of Kells, which dates back to 800 A.D., and stunning medieval castles. Cheap hotels like the Radisson Blu Regal Hotel Dublin are close to Dublin Castle. The Radisson sits just 200m from the Castle, in the center of Dublin, and features an ultra modern contrast to the "old world" atmosphere that surround

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Dublin can help you find a discount hotel, like the Croake Park Hotel that is close to some of the most famous and exciting attractions in Dublin like the Croake Garden of Remembrance and the James Joyce Cultural Center. The Garden of Remembrance, in Parnel Square, is a memorial to those who gave their lives for the cause of Irish Freedom. Be sure to stop by the large sculpture based of the theme "Children of Liv."

Affordable hotels like the Radisson Blu Hotel Dublin Airport, in the Dublin Airport Complex, are just 20 minutes from the city center, and are a great choice for accommodations with proximity to the National Botanical Gardens or the great farmers market in Marlay Park. You can enjoy one of many open, green spaces in Dublin, such as Phoenix Park, the largest enclosed recreational space in any European capital city.

Take a day trip into the Dublin Mountains, and hike, or just be surrounded by nature. There are plenty of trails, forests, and recreational sites where you can view wildlife or just experience the natural beauty of Dublin.

When you get back into the city, you may want to come home to the Stillorgan Park Hotel, in Dublin's business district, near Blackrock College. This luxurious hotel is just minutes from Blackrock Market, where you can shop the day away, and pick up incredible items like antiques, modern art, furniture, and handicrafts.

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Dublin stories

  • Insider tips for Dublin!
    Insider tips for Dublin!

    Dublin is a big city on the world tourism stage with its cornucopia of scenic and cultural delights - but it's not a big city in size, so rather easy to explore. And what better way to explore a city than with the help of some insider tips. We have great hotels on the site, so start planning your trip now.

    The city center is eminently walkable and our first recommendation is to head down to St Stephens Green for people-watching as the locals get together mainly on weekends and enjoy the park with its beautiful lake, replete with swans., a historical bridge and even a herb garden. There are plentiful walks and the square is surrounded by cafes and restaurants so you can enjoy refreshments afterwards.

    Trinity College is one of the top universities in the world and certainly one of the oldest. This prestigious place reeks of tradition, privilege and culture. This is where you'll find one of the oldest books in the world in the form of the Book of Kells. Trinity was founded in 1592 and emulates the great collegiate universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

    It seems every city in the world has its fair share of Irish themed pubs. You're in the real deal now and one of the best is the Toners Pub on Lower Baggot St. It's popular for a reason - voted Best Snug of the Year in 2011 - because of the lack of pretence and the focus on serving fine beers, excellent food and doing it all in traditional surrounds.

  • The top five things to see in Dublin
    The top five things to see in Dublin

    What's not to love about Ireland? Rolling acres of green as far as the eye can see, the friendliest people in all of Europe and the sights and sounds of Dublin - with all of its history, grandeur and attractions. But what to see on limited time? Never fear, the answers are here! has a bucket-load of discount rooms in Dublin right now to suit every budget.

    Now is a good time to visit Dublin - the crowds have died down and the weather hasn't completely turned in. Check out the good deals on Cheap Rooms and get ready for days of sightseeing and nights of Guinness and good times.

    The number one attraction in Dublin is the Guinness Storeroom tour. Located in the St James Gate Brewery, the tour isn't just for beer aficionados, everyone will enjoy seeing a full scale brewery do its stuff. You'll even learn the recipe so you can try your hand at home.

    Kilmainham Gaol is exactly what is says - a jail, albeit one that dates back to 1796. This is as much a tour of Irish history under British rule as it is a typical jail. The penal system was a harsh and unforgiving master and still a matter of disquiet today.

    The Book of Kells resides in the Trinity University grounds and is an extraordinary work of art dating back hundreds of years. A new page of the book goes on display every couple of days and the intricate artwork and beautiful colors are astounding.

    The James Joyce Center in North Great George's Street is dedicated to the memory of one of world literature's greatest contributors. And then you can head off on the great Literary Pub Tour - starting at the Duke Pub in Duke St. The tour visits Dublin's most famous pubs and explores their deep, literary connections. Actors provide humorous performances and commentary between stops.