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  • Cheap hotels in Dallas.

    2016 Dallas Festivals to make your vacation an exciting adventure

    If you have never been to the Dallas / Ft Worth area of Texas, and you’re planning your first vacation there in 2016, hole your horses and read this. You may just realize there is a specific date or dates you really want to be there, because vacation is all about fun, right?

    The month of March seems to be all about adult fun related to letting loose and parties, especially related to booze. March 4-6 brings you a start to the “Irish Month”, with the North Texas Irish Festival, as if the Irish really needed a reason to party. This is an exciting and fun weekend of Irish and Celtic sounds, dancing and of course Guinness during this event in Fair Park. The music his year will highlight Celtic music from way back when as well as new up and comers today. Of course, there will be an abundance of beer and whisky tastings (and drinking), as well as good Irish food, and even draft horse pulling demos. You can well expect that if you get a bunch of “over-influenced” Irishmen together, there will be stories, for sure.

    The North Texas Irish Festival is quite the lead into the 37th Annual Dallas St Patrick’s Parade & Festival, held March 19, 2016. The parade itself enjoys over ninety floats, almost 2000 participants, and every year brings over 130K people to cheer it on. The festival features of course, Irish Whisky, beer and an abundance of food, as well as arts and crafts, and fun for the whole family.

    Noe if dancing, music and costumes sounds exciting to you, your going to love the Dallas National Polka Festival April 27-29th. This festival is all about the Dallas area Czech heritage, and has its own parade, mounds of ethnic foods and of course live polka dancing.

    The 4th Of July weekend will bring well over a half a million spectators this year to view the fireworks display at Kaboom Town. This celebration is on July 3rd this year, and the gates open at 4 PM in the Addison Circle Park. There’s plenty to see before the fireworks, with Air Shows overhead, military bands, and of course the “beer tent” for adults to cool off and relax a bit. This is all great safe and family fun.

    On Labor Day Weekend the one awesome reason to visit the Dallas area, is to attend (and munch away) at the Bedford Blues & Barbeque. Lets face it, Texas is all about barbeque, and their ribs and meat smoked for hours to perfection is an eating man and woman’s dream. There is a very competitive spirit at this event, as teams compete for the name and prizes. You get to enjoy some of Texas best foods, maybe a bottle or two of Shiner Bock, and some good old Texas tunes and a two-step.

    Finally lets talk about the largest and oldest pastime in Texas, the rodeo. If you plan on visiting the Dallas / Ft Worth area in December, you have get some boots and a hat, and join in the fun. November 30-December 31st is the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo. There’s nothing more exciting than walking around all those horses, cattle and such, especially for the youngsters in your family. Plus, there are exhibitors, some serious shopping, and lots to eat and drink. No matter where you live, you will definitely bring back a “tall tale” or two from attending this event.

  • Cheap hotels in Miami Beach.

    5 Best Day Trips from Miami Beach

    There are some awesome experiences to be had within a day’s drive of Miami Beach, and they are all worth a look-see. Sure, you are on one of the most famous beaches in the world, but there are others that offer a different kind of “action”.

    Take Key Largo for instance, the largest and first of the Florida Keys. Not only does it have two excellent beaches, Caloosa and Sandspur Beach, but also offers a marine sanctuary, two state parks and a national park. You also have some of the best Scuba Diving in the world off the shore, with its serious wreck diving and also the world’s largest artificial reef. Keep in mind that Key Largo is only about an hours drive from Miami Beach, so it’s an easy day trip.

    If you’re really looking for some adventure, extremely the opposite of lounging on the sandy beach, there’s a whole new world only an hour away. It will seem like Jurassic Park in comparison to the sun lotion slick hot bodies on Miami Beach, when you encounter your first gator or snake. That’s right, we’re talking about the world famous Everglades National Park. You have choices of exploration, from Airboats, canoe and even hiking trails for the brave, through hardwoods, swamps and giant mangrove field’s. Your best bet for sure would be a guided tour by a ranger, because what’s the sense of taking a gamble on seeing wildlife, when they can guarantee it.

    Why not kill 2 birds with one stone, and visit a famous attraction as well as view some excellent wildlife? A nice drive from Miami Beach brings you to the Space Coast, the location of the Kennedy Space Center, one of major attractions in Florida. Explore actual space shuttles; satellites and moon walk suits, and so much more. This is great fun for both youngsters as well as adults.

    Just driving there is a real trip, because everything from gas stations to roadside diners all has a “space theme”.

    Now for that promised wildlife viewing. Kennedy Center occupies only a small portion of its 10,000 acres, and has left the remainder a federal protected wildlife center. You can see in the wild, wild pigs, eagles to alligators and much more just hanging around.

    Another terrific day trip destination is Fort Lauderdale where if you are a boater or boat owner wannabe, you’ll be in heaven. Both the marina’s as well as the super nice beaches is the dray here on the Florida coast, and for good reason. Fort Lauderdale is the real deal. Make sure you take a selfie or two with some of the most luxurious yachts in the world found at the docks. You will quickly learn why Fort Lauderdale is often referred to as the “Venice of America”.

    While in Fort Lauderdale, don’t forget to visit the famous Pier 66, another icon of Florida. Located at the mouth of Port Everglades on the Intercostal Waterway, you can spend hours doing a walk about, and perhaps grabbing lunch at one of the new restaurants, or the famous icon, the Grill 66.

  • Cheap hotels in Orlando.

    Summer Orlando Florida Vacation and No Kids? No Problem!

    When we think of Orlando Florida, we visualize the perfect vacation for families and their children, because that’s what Orlando’s Disney World, Universal Studios and the like are for, right? Wrong, Orlando is a great place for adults planning a vacation, honeymoon, anniversary or any other occasion.

    Kids are not mandatory!

    Remember the days when we were younger, first dating, and the local circus came to town? What is more romantic then a kiss at the top of a Ferris wheel or wrapping your arm around your honey on the roller coaster? Holding hands and walking the arcades and attractions were how we enjoyed our time together, with laughter and fun times.

    Are we to old to have that king of fun any more? No we aren’t, so lets go to Orlando and play.

    There’s plenty of attraction at Walt Disney Theme Parks designed for all ages, even adults. As an adult you have the option of purchasing a “Magic Your Way” ticket where you can customize your time spent at the Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and the Disney Animal Kingdom. Bu using this system, you can locate and experience just the rides and attractions designed with adults in mind, and “get your thrill on”. It will also assist you in finding the shops and restaurants more catering to adults, so you can actually have a conversation, and hear each other.

    When the sun goes down and all the kiddies are exhausted and sleeping, it’s time for the adult nightlife fun in Orlando, with what’s called the “Orlando Night Life Pass”. You get the choice of purchasing a one, two or up to Five night pass to some of the hottest nightclubs in Orlando. Yep, they charge a door fee, but with your pass, you pay much less, and can get into all the clubs for less. Clubs and lounges include such names as Sterling Casino, Club Paris, Bliss Nightclub and the Glo Lounge.

    If you find yourself vacationing during the heat of summer, there’s a fun place to cool of where you won’t find any kids, and its name is “The IceBar”. If you have never heard of this place, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

    Helpful hint! Bring a coat, sweater or sweatshirt! If you forget or it’s a “spur of the moment” decision, fear not, they have gloves and capes for you.

    This bar is carved out of ice, including seats on cocktail glasses. Once inside the door you will find yourself in a constant 27 degrees.

    The IceBar in Orlando is by far the most “in” place for adults, and absolutely a place for a “selfie” and Facebook Post.

    Lastly, in case sitting on a block of ice with an alcoholic cocktail isn’t your thing, at least tonight, here’s another fun thing for adults to do at night.

    Check out the creatures that come out at night in the swamps of Florida, on an airboat! That’s right, there are airboat companies that offer one hour airboat guided rides and show you all kind of creatures, especially alligators.

    Now that’s some fun.

  • Cheap hotels in Chicago.

    An After Dark Bucket List for Chicago on a "shoestring budget"

    Let's face it, vacationing in big cities is a challenge, and we are always trying to find ways to "stretch" the old wallet, aren't we?

    That being said, this shouldn't keep us from doing just that! What I mean is, we need to take vacations and visit new places, and still be able to keep spending in check.
    This article is my attempt to show you how to accomplish just that, in the "Windy City", Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

    There's plenty to do in Chicago during the day when this city is alive with people, from parks, museums, waterfront activities and much more. However, it's after hours that this old city really comes alive. Remember, this is where the old time mobsters ran backroom joints or "speakeasies" that packed at night to the music and cheap illegal booze.


    Take a "Pub Crawl" in the three most famous Speakeasies from the 1920's.
    "Machine Gun Kelly" once owned "The Green Room" which is one of the top jazz bars in the country.
    "The Green Door Tavern" served illegal booze supplied by The North Side Gang" in the 20's. This gang was an enemy of Al Capone.
    Simon's Tavern became an infamous speakeasy in the 1920's, serving whiskey supplied by Al Capone's men. Current owner Scott will give you a tour of the "whisky room" downstairs for a nickel.

    The first thing besides travel plans to Chicago that must be addressed is where you will be staying while here, and keeping on your budget. One suggestion for you, if you're looking to experience Chicago's "shady" past while staying in a piece of history would be the Congress Hotel. The rumors have it that Al Capone, the infamous gangster from days of Prohibition, lived and possibly owned this hotel.

    They also say his ghost can be heard walking it's halls at night, his wingtip shoes tapping on the tiles.

    Money Savings Tip: Secure your best hotel rates in Chicago during Fall/Winter months.

    While keeping on the "shoestring" theme, why not start out your evening with special happy hour deals, where discounts and sometimes "free" is the word?

    Many bar/restaurants offer special discounted prices on food and drinks between 4PM and 6PM, just perfect to fill up before heading out on the town. We hope you find this list of a few helpful during your visit.

    The Florentine Between 4-6 PM, order a drink from the bar and you get a free pizza!


    Hub 51 Who doesn't love sushi? Who doesn't like the expense of eating sushi? Show up between 3-6 PM or 11PM until closing time and all sushi is half price.
    51 W Hubbard St

    Bull & Bear This open and airysports bar has an excellent appetizer menu that's half price from 3-7PM weekdays.
    431 N Wells

    Money Saving Tip
    You can easily fill up on appetizers for dinner at Happy Hour, as long as the Taxi's waiting outside.

    During the day Chicago streets are bustling with active busy bees, crowded beyond belief to many visitors. When the sun goes down it's a whole different city, and you as a visitor can see the sights most people don't.

    The downtown Chicago lights against the night sky is a thing of beauty. Why not head to Millennium Park and enjoy taking a stroll around the Crown Fountain and Cloud Gate, known as "The Bean", a massive golden sculpture. Experience the city in all its twinkling beauty, and don't forget that camera.

    For an evening of dancing, entertainment and possibly a light late night "snack" here's a popular option. There's no place for a pub-crawl quite like the Rush and Davidson Streets in the Gold Coast neighborhood. Head to the ever-popular Hangge-Uppe, a quirky 2 level bar with three dance floors, open till the wee hours. You can play shuffleboard at Mahoney's
    Pub or Ping-Pong at Streeters. Depending on the hour and how hungry you are, right next door is a great hot dog joint to sample a traditional Chicago-style dog.

    There's only one "Chicago-Style Hot Dog"!

    Another excellent and totally fun experience for adults, singles or couples is the ever-popular "Adler After Dark". This is an event held at the Adler Planetarium offering you unlimited access to shows and other unique entertainment. This experience, which is exclusively for adults 21 or over, changes every month making it unique and exciting. Enjoy multiple bars, music and one of the very best views of the Chicago skyline. As you plan your visit to Chicago, you might want to contact the Adler Planetarium to find out more, and if it's happening during your stay. Keep in mind, advanced tickets will run you only $15 per person, and well worth it.

    And then there's Chicago Jazz! Long known for their Jazz clubs and after hour's clubs, there's no shortage that you might want to visit at night. Our thought is to recommend one of the best-known clubs, Andy's Chicago Jazz as an experience that you can enjoy for hours and it won't break the bank, if you don't let it. Keep in mind that getting a table might take some time and patience, but it's well worth it.
    Andy's offers you casual dining options along with music by Chicago's top Jazz artists. Most nights the cover charge is only $10, and if you stick to appetizers or pizza with that beer, it's a cheap evening.

    Money Saving Transportation Tips:

    1. Forget the rental vehicle.
    Why complicate life and especially your vacation getting lost, trying to find a
    parking space or paying for parking garage space, and spending all that money
    on a rental anyway? And don't forget extra heavy traffic in the city.

    2. Get an "L" Train and or Metra Rail map and schedule, and use what
    Chicago uses to get around the city. The "L" Train one-day pass is $10 and three-
    Day passes are only $20.
    If you are heading into the suburbs, take the Metra Rail for between $2.75-$9.00
    one-way depending on how far you're going. The nice thing is on weekends you
    can score a weekend pass with un-limited travel for only $7.00.

    3. Take a Taxi or Water Taxi to get from point A to point B. Sometimes this is the
    best way to travel, especially to dinner. If you want to impress your date, taking
    a Water Taxi to the Loop or China Town could be the right ticket. There are two
    companies offering this service, Chicago Water Taxi and Shoreline Sightseeing,
    both offering day passes.

  • Cheap hotels in The Best Cheap Island You Have Never Heard About.

    The Best Cheap Island You Have Never Heard About

    Right about the time you fly over Cancun you'll notice that the view of endless hotels up against the white sand beach looks like both paradise and population have clashed to conjure up a different type of beach vacation. Don't worry, head in the opposite direction from that spot and you'll find yourself heading to a tiny outpost knows as Holbox Island (pronounced ol-bosh)

    If you are adventurous and looking for a fantastic travel deal there is really no place in the Yucatan that you should consider aside from this spot. You could go south to Belize but flight availability make that a harder destination.

    Choose Holbox!

    You'll take a public bus to the town of Chiquilla for less than the cost of a meal in Cancun and in about 3 hours you will be ready to board a small ferry to Isla Holbox. Yes, you can take a private car or arrange more private transportation, it drives the cost up a bit and you miss the adventure of traveling through Mexico and seeing so much of the rich culture. From the airport, directions to the local bus station are easy to obtain.

    The ferry cost $4 and is about a 15 minute boat ride to the dock on Holbox. From that point golf car taxis will transport you to the hotel of your choice.

    This is where Holbox gets very interesting. This tiny island in the Caribbean Sea is whitewashed in sunshine and most accommodations are pressed up against a warm, tranquil sea that resembles a postcard from paradise. This is a budget vacation simply because luxury resorts don't really exist. There are a few hotels that can be considered high end relative to their neighbors on the island but you will not find multistory resorts with giant waterfall pools and 3 bedroom suites here. Instead, you'll find quaint properties with small check-in desks and friendly staffs that embrace the island lifestyle.

    The streets are not paved, traffic is non existent and the locals are generally happy to see you. The town square comes alive nightly with vendors offering up local food for ridiculously low prices and the entire experience feels so authentic that you ponder if you can move here. The white sand beaches are lined with a few small hotels and a multitude of restaurants serving fresh seafood and cold beer. The dirt roads lead to desolate beaches that are constantly lapped on by warm, clear water.

    The far reaches of this island only 3 miles long are home to migrating flamingos and birds of so many differing species that identification becomes fruitless. Horseshoe crabs walk past you in the water and iguanas dart by on land. In the deep ocean Whale Sharks come to mate and on the sand the general idea is to have another and smile with your new found friends.

    Food options are in abundance when it comes to fresh seafood and your new definition of fresh will be a challenge to replicate back home. Grass huts that double as bars will serve you fresh ceviche or grill filets from fish that has just been hauled in by a local fisherman. Go out on a boat and learn to fish with a hand line and the captain and first mate will chop up the fish and garnish it with lime, cilantro, habanero, onions and tomatoes to make the freshest, most delicious seafood dish you have ever had.

    If you seek a new definition of paradise this remote yet inexpensive spot in Mexico is impossible to pass up.

  • Cheap hotels in Las Vegas.

    Getting Married in Las Vegas

    Deciding on a wedding in Las Vegas can at first glance seem cliche or even as if it ridicules the sanctity of the bond between two people. That is until you realize how inexpensive it is to get married on the Las Vegas strip. Do you really need to have a large wedding back home and spend a huge amount of money on one party that feeds a large group of strangers? Instead, head to Las Vegas, save money on the wedding and then have a mini honeymoon right on the strip.

    It's pretty simple and planning the perfect wedding takes almost no time.

    Step 1: Get a Marriage license: You have to get a marriage license from Clark County so be prepared to show some identification to prove who you are (government issued identification required)

    You must be 18 years of age.

    You must not be related to the person you are about to marry and you must not already be married.

    No blood test is required

    You get a license the same day you apply for it.

    You can also save time on the marriage license process by doing all the paperwork on-line at the Clark County website.

    Step 2: Find a chapel. Most Las Vegas hotels have chapels to get married and if you are planning a big Las Vegas wedding that is a good route to take for a ceremony to remember. However, if you decide to race into town and just get married you will can just find a chapel and make it happen. These are a few of the chapels that I have been into and watched a ceremony. Personally, my marriage was held at the Tropicana hotel in their Island Chapel.

    Little Church of the West: This chapel is listed on the list of historical places in the United States and it has been around since 1943. If you are gong to get married in Las Vegas why not get married just a few feet from the Las Vegas sign. This is a full service chapel so if you have done absolutely no planning they can handle everything for you.

    4617 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119
    (702) 739-7971

    A Little White Chapel: Yes, it does have a 24 hour a day drive thru window as well as their in famous tunnel of love. If you decide to have a real "Vegas Wedding" this might be the place for something very peculiar. Get married in your car or opt for a chapel wedding, they do it all.

    1301 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, NV 89104

    Graceland Wedding Chapel: I will admit that I had an Elvis impersonator at my wedding and I am not ashamed of it. You can be married by Elvis at the Graceland Wedding Chapel. This is a full service chapel and you would be surprised by just how many people have not only tied the knot here but also renewed their vows with The King as the master of ceremonies.

    619 Las Vegas Blvd. South Las Vegas, NV 89101
    Local Las Vegas: (702) 382-0091

    Step 3: Have a Party! Where do you go after your wedding? Head to a fancy dinner at SW Steakhouse at Wynn or Guy Savoy at Caesars Palace or choose the super romantic meal at Le Cirque at Bellagio. Dance the night away with dinner and drinks at Top of the World Restaurant at Stratosphere Tower or order room service and enjoy the views from a room in a Terrace Suite at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas.

    It doesn't have to be expensive to get married in

  • Cheap hotels in Washington.

    The great outdoors in Washington

    Everyone flocks to Washington for the quite stunning list of national memorials, events, cultural icons and sheer number of things to do and see... but sometimes you just need a break from all that cultural seeing and doing. A walk in the fresh air, a stroll through nature's best. And in Spring this place really delivers.
    Did you know you can explore the city at your own pace by picking up a bike and a map and plotting out your own adventures? Bike rentals are available through several vendors around the Washington DC area and it's a great way to see a lot of the memorials in a short space of time whilst getting a bit of exercise too. If you're here for more than a few days, you can sign up for the Capital BikeShare self-service bike rental program. Riders can pick up and return a bike to multiple locations throughout the region. Bikestation at Union Station offers secure bike parking and you walk from there to many locations.

    The National Zoo doesn't have the fame (and fortune) of other more well-known zoos but it is an excellent place to spend a few hours in the outdoors. The street address is 3001 Connecticut Ave., NW, Washington, DC and the closest Metro Station is Woodley Park/ Zoo /Adams Morgan and Cleveland Park. Pick up a map and plan ahead so that you don't miss any of your family's favorite animals. Among some of the favorites are giant pandas, other bears, lions, giraffes, tigers, monkeys, sea lions, and much more.

    Six Flags America is a water park come fun park about 30 minutes drive from the capital and if the kids are in need of some fun, this is the place! The amusement park has 7 roller coasters including Wild One, Joker’s Jinx and Superman Ride of Steel. Family rides include The Penguin’s Blizzard River, the traditional Tea Cups, and The Great Race. Younger kids enjoy the Looney Tunes Movie Town, where they can meet Bugs Bunny.

    We'll help you find a great place to stay in Washington close to transport and all the things you must see. Take advantage of the hundreds of hotels giving customers fantastic money saving options like 30% off seasonal deal.


  • Cheap hotels in San Diego.

    San Diego's Balboa

    It's a mighty big park with loads of attractions for whatever your budget and lifestyle can handle. It's home of course to surely the most famous zoo in the world as well as a host of other exciting attractions and year-round events.

    Let's start with the attractions you'll find in Balboa. Some of very simple and if you're traveling with young children, an ideal way to spend a day. The Balboa Park Carousel is a veteran from 1910 and features all the sounds and magical sights you might remember from your childhood. All but two of the horses are the original hand-carved European ones with bright colors reminiscent of the originals.

    We'll help you find a great place to stay in San Diego close to transport access to the park.

    The miniature railroad is also a wonderful way to see the park with the youngsters. That said, the ride is only 3 minutes long and takes you just half a mile, but still it's a nice way to see other parts of the park you may to explore at your leisure.

    Take the time to start your day in the Visitors Center because they can help you plan out what you want to see and how to best see it. It's across from the Prado restaurant in the middle of a major drop point for public transport.

    The real highlight of the place however is the array of museums that will make your trip here such a special memory. The Central Cultural de la Raza, the Japanese Friendship Garden, the Mingei International Museum with its eclectic collection of 'art of the people' is exceptional and you'll love the Museum of Photographic Arts. Older teenagers might enjoy the Reuben H Fleet Science Center with a fabulous IMAX show and the 100+ hands on science exhibits.


  • Cheap hotels in Las Vegas.

    What the stars do in Las Vegas

    It wouldn't do to come all the way to Las Vegas and leave without spotting a star or two would it! The real question, then, is what do they do and where do they hang out when they're in town.

    Try 10AKL at The Mirage to spot people like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West (who together hosted a New Year's eve party here in 2012). Leonardo DiCaprio, John Legend, Maria Menounos are also regulars in the restaurants and bars and Paris Hilton celebrated her 32nd birthday here. Andreas at Encore is an up market Asian eatery and has seen the likes of George Clooney and Lady Gaga pass through. The food is great without a bank breaking price so even if you don't spot someone, you'll leave well satiated.

    The Forum shops at Caesars Palace attract a fairly well-heeled clientele and the stores (think La Perla lingerie or Louis Vuitton) sometimes close so VIPs can shop in peace. If you hang around you might spot someone. Shoppers have included Michael Jordan, Faith Hill, Nicolas Cage, Donny Osmond, Kelsey Grammer and even Bill Clinton. The best on site restaurant for star spotting is Wolfgang Puck's Spago Las Vegas.

    Over at the Marquee Nightclub and Dayclub, set inside the Cosmopolitan, the dreamy party pool day club in the summer with its half-dozen bars, and 60,000-square-feet party pleasure zone has attracted such as Jay-Z, Beyonce, Chris Martin, Gwyneth Paltrow, 50 Cent, Rihanna, Diddy, Kanye West, John Mayer, Alex Rodriguez, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Blake Lively, Channing Tatum and more. It's a great place to spend the day, reveling in the splendor that is Las Vegas in the Spring.

    It's certainly the most talked about city in America and there are plenty of affordable hotel rooms in Las Vegas all well placed to the Strip.

  • Cheap hotels in New Orleans.

    Top 3 things to do in New Orleans

    No visit to New Orleans is ever long enough to see and do all the wonderful things there are to see, listen to and eat in this wonderful city - and it's especially pretty in the spring. What you can do however is whittle down your options.
    A must is pretty simple... ride a streetcar. You can get wherever you want to go in New Orleans with the Regional Transit Authority (RTA). Your concierge will tell where the nearest streetcar is and you'll love just climbing aboard and winding your way through a neighborhood of the Crescent City. As your streetcar glides beneath soaring live oaks and past stately mansions, you'll see the beauty, charm and history of New Orleans for little cost. The RTA operates three streetcar lines: the famous, historic St. Charles line, the Canal Street line, and the Riverfront line. All lines either run along or intersect with Canal Street in the area between the French Quarter and the Central Business District (CBD) connecting Uptown/Garden District, Carrollton, Mid-City, City Park and the Marigny.

    You're on the mighty Mississippi here so take a ride on a riverboat queen, big wheels keep on rolling as you ride the Creole Queen for the afternoon. The beauty of this idea is that you see a totally different side of the city and can take in all the marvels of this most picturesque place in comfort, whilst enjoying a hearty lunch.

    Chances are you've heard of Lafayette Square but don't realise the significance. Do yourself a favor and come and see not only the square but the delightful St Patrick's Church too and the Gallier Hall. Irish immigrants built the Gothic-style church in 1840 to rival the French St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square.

    Make sure you get a cheap hotel in New Orleans and take in all the sights in this delightfully different city.

  • Cheap hotels in Vancouver.

    Vancouver's best bars

    Vancouver is proving very popular with Americans for a very good reason - the food, the bars, the scenic attractions and the ease of getting there and around the city all add up to a superb experience for the curious traveler.

    The mark of a cosmopolitan city is often the bars and restaurants that populate the city areas frequented by tourists and the bars here are very grown up. Here are a few of the best that, if you're lucky enough to have a couple of days in this city, you really should visit.

    West is at 2881 Granville Street in the city's premier entertainment district and is stylish without being pretentious. The cocktail list is enormous and a drawcard because of the way they've split the list into categories of seasonal, originals, aperitif cocktails, and classic and antique cocktails, made with techniques including barrel-aging, foams, bottled cocktails, and even a drink with blow-torched bananas.

    The Refinery is also on Granville and is more of restaurant with a bar as the side line - but what a side line it is. It's very much a make yourself at home type of bar with communal and individual tables. They put real effort into the home made syrups and vermouths and the cocktail list in general. Some of the ingredients, for example, include grapefruit-fennel bitters, yuzu marmalade, and blackcurrant tea syrup.

    Hawksworth is in the Rosewood Hotel Georgia, at 801 West Georgia Street is a restaurant with a comfortable bar attached, yet separated from the main dining area by a large fireplace. The mood is one of sophistication, yet it won't break the bank with a European style emphasis on $5 aperitifs as well as the more expensive choices too.

    We have plenty of discount hotels in Vancouver most of which are in the CBD and close to major attractions.

  • Cheap hotels in Boston.

    What to do on the Boston waterfront

    With spring fast approaching Bostonians are shedding the winter coast and starting to peer out from behind the curtains - and that means one of the more interesting parts of the city is also starting to come alive. The Boston waterfront is awash with scenic sights and sites too and offers the intrepid traveler everything from excellent food choices to outstanding historical exhibits.

    The Institute of Contemporary Art is one of those Stalinist architecture school buildings that houses something far from dull on the inside. It, and I quote " exhibits an innovative selection of work exploring social, political, and environmental themes." All of it good and well worth an afternoon's exploration.

    If you've brought the children they will enjoy the Children's Museum at 308 Congress Street. It houses science programs, kids’ performance stages, and a giant climbing sculpture. Children can also have some hands on fun with paper and clay in the art studio. The exhibits are fun as well as educational.

    If all that culture is just too much... wander down to the Harpoon Brewery which has been making the good citizens of the city happy since 1986 with a range of fine brews. They'll give you the tasting tour and let you sample anything you want before you buy. Perfect time out moment for the beer fans!

    The Fire Museum is interesting and thoroughly entertaining. It's also on Congress St and is a city landmark. Exhibits include a hand-operated pumper from 1793, a ladder truck, and a steam pumper.

    It's a genuinely great city to visit and there are plenty of affordable hotel rooms in Boston all well placed for the attractions you want to see.

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